Our Purpose

Helping you! We are completely dedicated to our patients achieving their speech, feeding, and occupational therapy goals. Through our specialized care we can assist a variety of clients with a vast number of disorders or delays. We know how unique each individual is and that generic treatment plans do not always work. As a result, we tailor our services to compliment each patient according to their personal needs, desires, and goals.

Who We Are:

We have been in private practice here in the Arcadia / Biltmore area of Phoenix since 1995. In these years we have gained and implemented valuable experience and knowledge in properly evaluating and treating speech, articulation, oral motor, feeding ,and physical difficulties in children and adults.

We love what we do and feel passionate about improving the lives and well-being of our clients by using all of the tools, materials, and approaches available to us.

What We Do:                                       Phoenix Arcadia Speech and Feeding Therapist

We use the latest techniques to engage our patients, applying multi-sensory therapy to promote a strong physiological base for better articulation, feeding, physical awareness and attention. We take an entire body approach when developing a personalized therapy plan, making sure we help your body work in harmony with itself. What may look unrelated at first can have hidden ties, and we work to find the root of the problem so that we can better construct an accurate plan for improvements. 

We pride ourselves in keeping up with up-to-date science and technology related to speech and occupational therapy by attending available workshops, classes, and lectures.

We currently utilize techniques like vestibular warm ups, bone condensing headphones, and we are constantly on the look-out for additional methods to best supplement our range of services.