Question of the week: How Can I Help My Children Adapt to Online Schooling?

Since the pandemic has halted all of our daily routine, as adults we are finding new and different ways to frame our days and keep organized. For the ones who needed the routine of getting ready and going to a workplace to be productive, working from home presented a challenge. We soon found that with a few adjustments, we can actually be very productive working from our homes.  Routines are especially important for children since they need the sameness of daily occurrences as a source of comfort and establishing and keeping them is even more essential during today’s uncertain times.

As children are now expected to attend online classes for an unforeseeable future, our team came up with a few suggestions to help you establish a new routine for your children to ease them into their new way of learning.

  • Choose a space in your house or apartment with a small desk, and space for their books and all the materials they need for their classes.
  • Place a whiteboard where they can easily see it. Write their schedule on the whiteboard so they can check off the lessons/activities they’ve completed.
  • Ask the teacher to allow movement time in between lessons.
  • To help keep them focused, allow them to chew gum.
  • Provide them with crunchy snacks at snack time. 
  • The morning routine should include a healthy breakfast of fruits, nuts and protein. 
  • Bedtime routine should remain the same as if they were leaving the house to get to school.
  • Allow your child to pick out a favorite outfit they can wear the next day to their online class. You can take their picture in their outfit in class and send it to family members and close friends. 

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