Question: How can I help my child adapt to online schooling?

Help your children adapt to online schooling

As adults, we have all had our share of difficulties with the changes in our lives. Now living in a pandemic, everything we’ve come to know as normal has now changed. We can’t go to restaurants, movies or visit friends comfortably. We are all doing our best to make the most under these circumstances. As a result, more than a few of us have been asked to work from home and in some cases, the offices where we worked at have closed permanently. For those of us who’ve favored keeping our workplace and work hours separate from our home, this has been especially difficult.


Children feel the same way about their home and what they do vs their school(s). Our children are now expected to attend online classes for an unforeseeable future and they depend on us to help them adjust to their new normal. It is well known in the literature that routines help kids maintain a sense of control, especially in uncertain times. Creating and maintaining routines in your household will allow for some relief among all of this stress.


Excel Care Therapy has come up with a few suggestions to have to make your child’s transition to online learning easier:


Dedicate a space for classwork

Choose a space in your house or apartment to be the designated area your child can do their school work and have their online class meetings. Put a small desk with space for their books and all the materials they would need for their classes in that area (a picture?). Having a designated school workspace helps create boundaries between school and home helping create a routine.


Create a visual of the Schedule

Write their schedule on a whiteboard/chalkboard, calendar or just a list and place it where they can easily see it. This will help your child visualize their activities for the day. They can also check off the lessons/activities they’ve completed which will make them feel a part of the process. Children also need to feel a sense of accomplishment and productivity, this is a small way to do so.

Don’t forget the importance of movement

Ask the teacher to allow movement time in between lessons is possible. This gives your child a chance to stretch, get their body moving and can help them focus for more work. Another tip to help them stay focused during their online schooling is to allow them to chew gum. Provide them with crunchy and fun snacks at snack time.

Keep the same school day / bedtime routine

Although your child may be doing remote learning, their morning and night routine should stay the same. For example, pick out a favorite outfit as if they were going to attend school in person. The only difference is that they will wear it to their online class. Getting dressed and ready for the day will motivate and prepare your child like it would if they were going to in-person classes. You can take their picture in their outfit in class and send it to family members and close friends. The morning routine should include a healthy breakfast of fruits, nuts and protein. Also, enforcing reasonable bed times and waking up in the morning will allow your child to be well rested and ready for their day.


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