Mindcraft Players

We know that belonging to a social community is important for any individual’s emotional and physical health and growth and how children and adults on the autism spectrum often feel alone or isolated. This is why when a friend told us about this community of Mindcraft players, we couldn’t wait to share it with our own community.

Autcraft is the first Minecraft server created by a father of an autistic child; who is also autistic, so children and adults in his community can play with others like them; who enjoy the game, in a safe and supportive space. Players can enjoy the game with support of younger responsible “helpers” and adult “Srhelpers” without the fear of being shamed and bullied.

We wanted to experience this for ourselves and tried to register with Autcraft and were respectfully rejected :).  If you are autistic or are caring for an autistic child or an adult, and want to become part of this Mindcraft community, learn more by visiting this wonderful site and register and apply to be put on their whitelist to play.



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