Speech and Occupational Therapy with Dedication and Passion

We are centrally located in the Biltmore / Arcadia area.  We use the latest techniques to engage our patients.  We provide therapy to address coordination, articulation, accent reduction, oral motor, physical awareness  and attention.  

We are an approved provider for:

Arizona Department of  Developmental Disabilities (DDD)

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) 

Arizona Department of Education’s Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA)

We accept most major health insurance policies

Our Services. 

  We have been in private practice here in the Arcadia / Biltmore area of Phoenix since 2000. In these years we have gained and implemented valuable experience and knowledge in properly evaluating and treating speech, articulation, oral motor, feeding, and coordination and physical difficulties in children and adults.

We love what we do and feel passionate about improving the lives and well-being of our clients by using all of the tools, materials, and approaches available to us.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help individuals learn to speak more clearly. This helps them feel more confident and less frustrated about speaking to others. Individuals who have language issues can benefit socially, emotionally and academically from speech therapy.

 Occupational Therapy

The practice of occupational therapy means the therapeutic use of occupations, including everyday life activities with individuals, groups, populations, or organizations to support participation, performance, and function in roles and situations in home, school, workplace, community, and other settings.


Teletherapy sessions are very similar to traditional speech and occupational therapy sessions with one exception. Instead of sitting in the same room, patients and therapists interact via live video conferencing. Teletherapy offers the flexibility of receiving services within your home, it is an effective use of time and technology.

How will you know if Speech or Occupational therapy is needed?  Click here to see some key behavioral and speech patterns in infants and children which may indicate consideration of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my child Throwing Things?

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Our Therapy dogs, Miss Daisy born in 2/20/2019, and Anakin Skywalker, born 1/9/2014, work hard to make therapy more therapeutic !

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