We Love Excel Care!

Better Results in 6 months!

Nadereh and her team are amazing! My son, Alex, had been at another group of speech therapists for years and had really hit a plateau. The other group just kept using the same techniques with Alex, and he wasn’t improving. He worked with Nadereh for about 6 months, and Alex improved more in that time period than the 2 ½ years he was with the other group. She has a holistic approach to speech therapy challenges with children. It is about strengthening muscles and using exercises and techniques that are proven to have results. I would highly recommend Nadereh and her team to any parent that is looking to really help their child with speech therapy and better self-confidence. We cannot thank Nadereh and her team enough – she changed Alex’s life for the better.

-Bobi S, Phoenix AZ

Treat Underlying Issues

“Nadereh is great at recognizing and treating underlying issues for speech and feeding problems. My twins have been to several SLPs in the past and they all would say to ‘avoid this or that, thicken liquids, and try using textured foods for sensory’ as a method to treat the problem and I didn’t see any progress.

Improving Swallowing Abilities

Nadereh works on receptive and expressive communication while strengthening the muscles of the tongue, oral area and throat which in turn improves swallowing ability, pronunciation, and linguistics. I am so grateful we found her for speech and feeding therapy.”

-Venus B., Phoenix, AZ

Holistic Approach

“What makes Nadereh exceptional is her holistic approach in treating speech deficiencies. While she often works within the mouth encouraging oral muscle strength, agility and memory, she includes the entire body which produces noticeable improvements.”

– Dania, Phoenix, A

Patient, Kind and Knowledgeable

“Nadereh is a top notch speech pathologist!! Her technique was life changing to my son and his speech! She is patient, kind and so knowledgeable! My sons success was Nadereh’s #1 goal and he met that goal sooner than expected! She is a true gem!!”

– Sara, Phoenix, AZ

More than "Repeat After Me"

“Nadereh has used a truly unique and very effective approach with our son. The typical ‘repeat-after-me’ speech therapies were not having much effect so we decided to try Nadereh. She assessed him and was able to point out issues with his oral-motor weaknesses that no pediatrician or speech therapist had noticed and he has made great strides with her help.

Additionally, Nadereh is not “only” a speech therapist. While this is her primary focus, she incorporates occupational therapy, physical therapy, and even vision therapy into her sessions. She uses a whole-body approach that makes a lot of sense to me. Because of her breadth of knowledge, she has been able to make several suggestions regarding other therapies for our son and she has been spot on with all of those recommendations.

Finally, she is supportive and patient with BOTH of us and she truly wants what is best for my son. We feel so lucky to have found her!”

– Jennifer, Phoenix, AZ

One Size Does Not Fit All

“I truly know that Nadereh loves my son and his work with her continues today.

He always babbled and tried hard to communicate with those around him.

But when he turned 2.5 people would just smile at him as he talked he looked for me to literally decode what it is he was saying. So many said “oh it’s normal for boys he will grow out of it.” But when he turned 3 I knew it was something he wasn’t going to outgrow.

Nadereh has a firm grasp that all children have unique personalities and one size does not and should not fit all in regard to therapy. She has many wonderful tools at her office, from chewing gum, bubble blowing, metronome, music etc. Her years of experience and ability to look at the Whole child is impressive. My son is in Kindergarten now and is almost completely understood by all.

Without her expertise we all would have suffered but today we are learning to thrive with her guidance.”

-Bita B, Phoenix

Gained Confidence in my Words

“Nadereh has made such a difference in my life. She took the time to listen to my concerns and made me completely comfortable throughout our therapy. She picked up on such little things that I never noticed. They now make the world of difference and I have confidence in my words. My professional life has especially improved. Many thanks!”

-Katie S, Phoenix